Is your pet showing signs of arthritis?

The cold weather is well and truly upon us.  As we get older we can all feel the struggle of getting out of bed during the middle of winter?

Is your pet taking longer to get out of bed in the mornings?  It could be a sign that your pet may be suffering from arthritis rather than a reluctance to face the cold.

Our pets are classed as ‘seniors’ once they turn 8 years old but wear and tear can start presenting itself at any age depending on how active your pet has been during their younger years and how much weight they carry in their senior years.  It can also appear in younger pets who have suffered a broken bone or injury.

What signs should you be looking for?

For dogs:

  • Taking longer to get up from sitting or laying down and appearing stiff after a rest.
  • Hesitation or refusal to go up & down stairs, jumping into the car.
  • Limping or not putting weight on limbs.
  • Showing pain, crying.

For cats:

  • Reluctance to jump, pulling up onto furniture rather than jumping.
  • Sleeping more, less active, less interactive with family.
  • Less agile, may have trouble getting in and out of cat flap/litter tray.
  • Limping or lame.
  • Not grooming as much as before.


Any of these signs could indicate that your pet is suffering from some pain but the good news is we can help.  The first step is to make an appointment with the Vet so they can determine if your pet is suffering from arthritis and what the best approach would be to make your pet more comfortable.  We are fortunate that there are a lot of options and treatments available when treating pets with arthritis and we have had many pets get a new lease on life once commencing treatment.  We can also give advice on appropriate bedding, placement of food bowls, litter trays etc with the view to making your pet’s life easier as they get older.


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