The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for the family- but it can sometimes be very confusing for a pet! While they may be delighted by the new addition to the family it usually involves less attention and a change of routine for them. By gradually reducing the amount of time spent with them and encouraging independent behaviours such as chewing a stuffed Kong toy in the next room, they will learn to find spending time away from you positive and rewarding.

Make sure they know all the basic commands, so that you can easily communicate with them and they know what is expected of them. This will make your pet feel happy and secure.

When the baby arrives use lots of treats and attention when the baby is present, so that your pet finds it a positive experience.

You should never leave your pet alone with a new baby.

Using a DAP or Feliway pheromone diffuser can also be helpful to reduce anxiety in some animals.

If you are expecting a new baby feel free to drop in and collect our information handout on how to make the transition easier with pets. We also have a book available called ‘Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant’ by Dr Lewis Kirkham which contains lots of information and includes a CD of baby and toy sounds to help your prepare your dog.

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