What is Desexing?
Desexing, or neutering, involves removing part of a pet’s reproductive system so that they can’t breed. Usually, this procedure is performed on dogs and cats, but others such as rabbits and ferrets can also be desexed. In female animals, it is called a ‘spey’ and in males, it is referred to as ‘castration’.

Our vets are very experienced in desexing surgery and your pet will be in the safest, and very best, of hands. If you’re not sure if, or when, your pet should be desexed, give us a call or pop in and our staff can answer all your questions.

Why Desex My Pet?
Desexing prevents unwanted pregnancies in females as well as unwanted attention from males! It also reduces the wandering instinct. There are health and behavioural benefits associated with desexing too; it reduces the risk of cancer and other life-threatening conditions in both males and females, and can also reduce aggression and other antisocial behaviours.

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