As Covid-19 creates significant changes in our daily life, it’s important to consider the impact this has on our canine friends. With owners working from home and children learning from home, many dogs are relishing in a level of human company they have never experienced before.

If our dogs are generally happy with these new arrangements, why does the dog training industry collectively hold their breath? We understand that for the majority, this change in circumstance is temporary- unfortunately dogs don’t understand this! There will be canine carnage as people return to work or even begin to leave their home more regularly for social engagements and outings that don’t involve the dog. Anxiety, barking, boredom and destructive behaviour are all likely outcomes of changing circumstances that your dog simply can’t predict or explain.

Fortunately, with just a little bit of awareness- we can help you to ensure your dog is not caught up in the aftermath of Covid-19. Now is the ideal time to learn new ways to engage with your dog, to enrich their environment and to ensure your dog retains their independence and ability to cope with being alone.

Underdog Training have a range of options designed to help you and your dogs get through this time together. See or for further information and ensure your dog stays stable, even when the world is not!

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