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We love to be connnected to our patients and clients and we always seem to have some new pet health news, staff news or interesting cases that we want to share with everyone.  We hope to use this blog, as well as our facebook page ( and our PocketVet iphone app to keep you informed.  We welcome any feedbacks or comments you have, or any suggestions for topics you may wish us to blog about!  Lets see how we go!

Pet Insurance


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Arthritis in older pets

old dog12

Is your pet showing signs of arthritis?

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How to brush my pet's teeth

cat brushing teeth4

How to brush my pets’ teeth

What you will need…

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Vet Nurse Conference 2015

The annual Vet Nurse Council of Australia conference is on this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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What is my pet's ideal weight?

body condition score

What Is My Pet’s Ideal Weight?

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