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What is My Pet’s Ideal Weight?

What Is My Pet’s Ideal Weight? There is a question we are frequently asked by owners: ‘what is the ideal weight for my Labrador/Burmese/Moggie?’ Your pet’s weight is an important indicator of health – not only in the present, but perhaps more importantly in the...

Heat Stress

Be Sun Smart! Slip on a shirt Slop on some sunscreen Slap on a hat Wrap on some sunnies It may have been a patchy January, but with temperatures expected to rise and stay there until the end of March we’ll be soaking up the sun for some time yet. When it comes to...

Cat’s Urinating in the House

Cats urinating in the house The problem of cats urinating in the house can be a major source of frustration. This behaviour can be separated into 3 main groups. Some cats who display this behaviour have bladder infaections or cystitis. Cats who spray urine on vertical...

Toxic Plants

Common plants causing skin irritation to dogs and cats. Our pets are exposed to an extensive variety of plants within your own backyard, nature strips, parks and neighbours’ properties in your street – even their visits to the vet! Plants produce certain chemicals and...

Assisting Sick or Injured Wildlife

The Wildlife Act 1975 is the law which protects native wildlife, making it an offence to harm or relocate an animal from where it is found. Wildlife Victoria provides assistance to sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife and can be contacted for advice on 1300 094...

Dogs and Fireworks

With New Years Eve and Australia Day approaching fireworks can cause a big problem for anxious dogs.   It is natural for dogs to be frightened by loud noises and the fact that they don’t know it’s coming can be a big shock for them.  Their instinct is to run away from...

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