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The (Avoidable) Catastrophes of Christmas

While Christmas can be a fun time for spending time with family and relaxing, it also pays to be vigilant to ensure your pet has a great Christmas too.  Here are a few Christmas catastrophes that can be avoided: Chocolate Chocolate is toxic for dogs.  The darker the...


Have you seen the social media post or newspaper article doing the rounds about Leptospirosis? We wanted to provide some information and update on the current situation. Leptospirosis is an uncommon bacterial disease. It is usually encountered in dairy farms and rural...

Why vaccinate?

Why Vaccinate? Vaccinations have become a point of discussion over the last few years in both the animal and human world. Concerns over vaccination timing, vaccinating too much and are they really necessary are among those that have been raised. Vaccinations have been...

Feline Acne

Black spots on your cat’s chin?  It could be feline acne Feline acne is a common skin condition that can affect all breeds and ages of cats. Most cases are minor and can go away without being noticed.  However, some cases can cause discomfort to your cat as well as...

Rabbit Dental Disease

Dental structure in our rabbits is different to dogs and cats. They have SIX incisors, two large both top and bottom and two tiny ‘peg teeth’ that sit behind the top incisors. Rabbits do not have canine teeth but instead a space between their incisors and their molars...

Tooth Root Abscess in dogs and cats

Tooth root abscess’ are severe infections located around the root of a tooth. They can affect any tooth within the mouth and are most commonly related to fractures following trauma. Tooth root abscess’ may not initially be obvious as the infection occurs around the...

Tooth Fractures in dogs and cats

Both dogs and cats may suffer from fractured teeth which is often the result of trauma. Trauma may be something dramatic such as being hit by a motor vehicle, but may also be as simple as chewing on something such as a hard bone. The location of the fracture will...

Feline Tooth Resorption

By far the most common dental condition seen in cats is known as feline tooth resorption. It is a condition that is estimated to affect nearly 50% of cats over the age of three years. This condition is a progressive and painful and will lead to severe oral discomfort...

Tooth structure in dogs and cats

The majority of our tooth structure is made of the hard substance called dentine. It has limited recovery capabilities after injury. The part of the tooth above the gumline is called the crown and this portion is covered in enamel, the hardest substance in the body....

Senior Pet Care

For most pet owners it is a rewarding experience to live alongside and care for their pets as they mature into their adult and senior years. With improved veterinary and lifestyle care, pets are living longer and more comfortably than before. Dogs and cats don’t live...

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