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Senior Pet Care

For most pet owners it is a rewarding experience to live alongside and care for their pets as they mature into their adult and senior years. With improved veterinary and lifestyle care, pets are living longer and more comfortably than before. Dogs and cats don’t live...

What do I feed my rabbit?

Gone are the days where a pet rabbit was kept outside in a cage and fed a diet of carrots and seedy stuff from the pet store. Just like our other companion animals, our knowledge on the diets of these long eared critters has improved exponentially over years. Rabbits...

Cushings Disease

Cushings disease or Hyperadrenocorticism is a complex disease with a rather complex history. It has been described initially in humans, but is not uncommon in our canine companions. The name “Cushings disease” was coined by Mr Harvey Cushing who first described the...

Periodontal (dental) disease and anaesthetic free dental cleaning

As a pet owner, you always want what is best for your pet family member. Occasionally circumstances arise where there may be conflicting advice from different directions. It can be difficult to know who to believe in such a situation. You may have seen advertising for...

Ageing pets and euthanasia

Thinking about the death of a pet is not something we like to do but sadly as pet owners we will all face this situation. As our pets get older we need to consider their quality of life and think about what signs they may be showing us that they are in pain or not...

Swimming and beach time with dogs

Summer time and holidays are great spent with dogs.  Dogs love swimming and it is great exercise for them, but there are some things we need to keep an eye out for.   EAR AND SKIN INFECTIONS The main issues that bother dogs who love swimming are ear (otitis...

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours HAWTHORN EAST VET AND KEW VET Monday 24 December 8am to 5pm Tuesday 25 December Closed Wednesday 26 December Closed Thursday 27 December 8am to 7pm Friday 28 December 8am to 7pm Saturday 29 December 9am to 3pm Sunday 30 December...

Grass Seeds

It's grass seed season again and unfortunately these little terrors can cause your pet serious problems. There are some types of grass seeds that are shaped like a pointy needle and once caught in your pet’s fur they can start to burrow aggressively into their skin....

End of Year Garden Party 2018

It's on again! Our annual end of year garden party! Thursday 22 November 2018 between 5pm and 7pm. In the front garden at Hawthorn East Vet, 1 Victoria Road, Hawthorn East. Everyone is welcome to join us for a sausage sizzle (both meat and vegetarian), a cold drink...

Boroondara Pet Expo

We are excited to be part of the first Boroondara Pet Expo.  It is being held on Saturday 17 November between 8am and 1pm at the Boroondara Farmers Market, Patterson Reserve, Hawthorn. We will be providing complimentary pet nail clips and free pet dental health checks...

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